Healing the Doves Way: More Inhabitants of the Land Sheryl Bruce

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104 pages


Healing the Doves Way: More Inhabitants of the Land  by  Sheryl Bruce

Healing the Doves Way: More Inhabitants of the Land by Sheryl Bruce
| Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, ZIP | 104 pages | ISBN: 9781425118662 | 6.35 Mb

This book is a continuation of Healing the Doves Way focusing on national spiritual inheritances. Beginning with the Egyptian inheritance that all Christians have from the four hundred years of Jewish captivity (remember we were grafted in). This book looks at spiritual inheritances from Italian, American Indian, and other nationalities.As we look at our spiritual inheritances and the curses that come from national idolatry, we begin to look at repentance for this inherited idolatry.

Learning to close the doors to these inherited idolatry sins brings a new understanding as to how we have been cursed or thwarted in our spiritual or financial blessings.One section of this book deals with the financial bondages of economic Babylon. This chapter relates economic bondage to the inherited idolatry of our national backgrounds.This is a prayer book, as is Healing the Doves Way, requiring many prayers of repentance to see the victories. A prayer of repentance, that is central to this book, is included.

This prayer closes all the doorways and applies the Word of God and the Blood of Jesus to the enemys legal rights.After working this book, the reader will be able to recognize other idolatries from their own particular nationalities, and apply the same prayer to them.

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